Scott Barber

Scott Barber

Regional Property & Project Manager

Scott works for Hudson Peters as commercial property, project manager excelling in a broad range of disciplines in the industry. Related skills include Auto Cad design, with a background in dental/medical, datacenter, retail and general office design as well as construction project management over a period of 25 years.

Most recently employed by INFOMART, a 1.6 million square feet, world-class Data Center and carrier hotel featuring diverse tenants from general office, call center and education to World brand data centers and fiber carriers.

Formerly charged with the management of portfolio for several large Real Estate management companies keeping inventory and leasable square footage records and projections for each property.

Recognized and accredited by the Association of General Dentistry as accredited for lectures in dental office design and construction processes with emphasis on BOMA/ANSI, OSHA and CDC standards and Asepsis control.